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Work permit

Fewer incidents and related losses

STS Work permit is the solution to run through the entire work permit process. By using Work Permit will authorize, improved oversight and assurance. This is possible because the solution lays a link between the work to be performed and the control measures to be taken, based on your security.

Solutions STS Automatisering within the work permit process

To prepare
  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Demonstrated skills
  • Risk analysis
  • Inquiry via internet
  • Connection with EAM systems
  • Module for Turnaround
  • Set safety to business rules
  • Fully self configuring
  • LoToTo process system
  • Signature over the mobile
  • Issue with barcodes
  • Digital authorization
  • Self-scheduling take time
  • Current overview map
  • Advanced search by list

Work permit

The solution

The goal of security management is to carry out work without the occurrence of incidents affecting people, the environment or equipment. The following topics provide a basis for taking action:

  • What should be done (job description)?
  • Working on what part of the plant?
  • Under what circumstances the work to be performed?
  • Who should be carried out the work?
  • What tools will be used?
  • Which substances can come into contact?
  • What tools will be used?

For each work assignment there are many variables that help determine which safety control measures need to be taken. This leaves a big chance for errors or safety control measures not having been put into place.

STS Work Permit is the digital work permit system developed by STS Automatisering to support the issue of work permits. The system indicates which mandatory and necessary safety control measures need to be taken to carry out the work. A lot of attention is paid to this in the context of safety at work and the work is usually carried out based on the Deltalinqs* method. A distinction can be made between the work description the measures to be taken by the permit issuer, the measures to be taken by the permit holder and the authorisation of the permit.
STS Work Permit works in accordance with the Deltalinqs method.


The basic input for the application is the work description, the tools and equipment to be used, the system components being worked on and exposure to chemicals. It is also possible to copy this data from other systems such as an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system like SAP or Infor (optional).

The control measures to be put in place by the permit holder and the permit issuer are selected from predefined input fields.

Based on the method entered into the system, STS Work Permit advises which control measures are mandatory, preferable or optinal before the work is carried out. Depending on the client’s choice this advice is binding or non-binding and can take place at the start or end of the work process.

The Last Minute Risk Analysis is printed out at the workplace to issue a permit. To speed up the retrieval and authorisation of the permits at a service desk, STS Work Permit provides support for barcode scanners.


The software is designed as a web application, which makes it possible for it to quickly prepare and start the correct safety management tasks. The information can be accessed from any location 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Permits can be authorised from any workplace and can be signed using mobile devices, which minimises waiting time.
Fewer incidents because the system alerts you to all safety measures to be put in place.
More effective analysis of the information aimed atimproving the work process because all of the information is available in digital form.
A demonstrable policy for the management of health and safety risks.

TRA module

Task Risk Analysis, which is carried out where there is an enhanced risk or if there are no work instructions for the work assignment, is a component of STS Work Permit.

Turn-around module

STS Work Permit makes it possible – in the case of a production shutdown, for example, to import large numbers of permits on the basis of an order. This bulk import module is based on Excel, and the imported permits can be dealt with individually or in bulk as required.

LoToTo module

Another optional component of Work Component is Safeguard. This makes it possible to implement control tasks for fuses, overrides and flanges. STS Work Permit also carries out checks and issues advice based on the system when the permit is issued. The permit may include gas readings that are important for carrying out the work safely.


As an option, STS Automatisering also provides a mobile web application that enables users to view permits on their smartphones and co-sign them.

2D plan

Linking the assets to a basic ‘geographical map’ makes it possible to display the active work permits in a given part of your organisation. This allows you to maintain an overview of the systems being actively worked on, and the system will also provide information about adjacent work permits when they are issued.

The biggest advantage of STS Work Permit is: Fewer incidents and their related losses.

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